Meet Lee Roland

Mr. Lee Roland is the husband of 39 years to Wanda Roland, father to Irving and Chanel and grandfather to, 1 year old, Elliott Brown. Lee recently retired after 30 years in public education, 25 of which in administration.  Perhaps most gratifying to him are his last 12 years as the proud principal of Tulakes Elementary, a high poverty, high diversity, and once failing school (by every significant indicator) that was completely turned around under his leadership. Because of the culture and staff that remains, Tulakes is now among the best schools in Oklahoma City. 

Over his celebrated career, Mr. Roland served in the Oklahoma City Public School as well as the Putnam City School District.   In addition to enjoying great success as a special education teacher, principal, and superintendent liaison, Lee has spoken and presented at countless venues, conferences, and workshops across the state and country, particularly with regards to effectively addressing diversity, poverty efficacy and motivation. 

Finally, while also endeavoring on a number of city, civic and community boards, mostly involving the welfare of children, Mr. Lee Roland is a motivational speaker; a school, church and business consultant, especially regarding race; Pastor at The Parish in OKCs Plaza District; and an adjunct professor of sociology at Southern Nazarene University where he strives to help future administrators prepare to  truly “Leave no child behind.”


Other Special Forces
This presentation for teachers who are feeling undervalued, overwhelmed and underpaid. Lee works to help them understand their worth and how to motivate and lift them up. 

After the Doors Close
How teacher attitudes and awareness of the children and families served and how it impacts student achievement. Answers and empowerment to teachers and how they can win. 

Teacher/Parent/Student Relationships
Positive relationships among teachers, parents and students is an ingredient for success. Mr. Roland has an assortment of methods that helped his school achieve a partnership.

Understanding/Embracing Diversity
Mr. Roland calls race the “Pink Elephant” in the room. However, the elephant is very conspicuous when final statistics are revealed and when problems arise. He’ll help you successfully confront the elephant and get it out of the room (where it belongs.)

Being the designated leader doesn’t mean that others will follow. Lee Roland wholehearted believes that it is absurd for “leaders” to discover this sad truth on their own. He will explain fail-safe methods to lead in the area of service.

Becoming a Team
Competing as an individual is great if you are a boxer, tennis player or figure skater. There is one winner and one loser. However, in schools, churches and other organizations, there are multiple winners and losers, and it takes teamwork. Lee will show you how to work towards coalescence.

Achieving Peak Performance
There are at least two ways to get the job done: 1) just barely and 2) very well done. Assuming you want the latter, Lee Roland will help show you how.