Elementary Curriculum – Digital Download

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The Character First Elementary Curriculum offers approximately 3 hours of instructional material in an easy-to-use 7-page format.


Lessons are specifically designed to reach visual, auditory, tactual, and kinesthetic learners. Sign-up for updates and download a free sample.

Digital Download .pdf for in-home use.

For use in schools, purchase a school licensing pack HERE.

Print versions of this curriculum are available on Amazon.

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2 reviews for Elementary Curriculum – Digital Download

  1. llpslk.indhie (verified owner)

    need the video to show my elemtary students so they can understand more. dunno where or what to click to find the one that i need

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    I thought the purchase of the Digital Download will give us the videos which can learn from Mr Robert the poem, song and Animal Science. Pls advise.

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