Picture This

Enthusiasm is expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort. Cheerleaders show enthusiasm in order to motivate the crowd and encourage the players. You can show enthusiasm, too!

Enthusiasm spreads to others. When you are enthusiastic, it helps others to be enthusiastic. This makes everyone’s job easier, whether at school, home, or while playing a game.

Practice enthusiasm at school by listening to your teachers, following instructions, and putting your whole heart into what you do. Even little assignments deserve your best effort.

Catch a Vision

This game can be difficult at first, but with time and practice, it should become easier.

Tape the end of a 6-inch piece of yarn to the top of a pencil. Make a paper circle and cut a slit from the outside edge to the middle. Slide the edges created by the slit toward each other to make a cone, and secure it with tape.

Cut the tip off the cone just big enough to fit it over the top of the pencil. Tape the cone to the pencil.

Cut a small strip of paper to serve as a flag. Write “Catch a Vision” on it and tape it to the pencil underneath the cone. Tie a large bead to the end of the yarn, and try to catch it in the cone.


  • Pencils, yarn, large beads
  • Paper, scissors, tape

Enthusiasm comes when you catch a vision for what you are doing. Each task has the potential to gain valuable experience. For example, a science fair project can be “just another assignment” and receive little effort. But if you recognize the benefits of learning new information and explaining it clearly, you can find new motivation to do your best!

Practice it!

  1. Why is a good attitude important?
  2. How can you show enthusiasm at school or while doing chores at home?

Discuss the following questions with a parent, guardian, or teacher.

  1. Why are good manners important?
  2. How can you show deference to a family member?
  3. What are some do’s and don’ts at the dinner table?