Engage Curriculum

ENGAGE is a research-based curriculum to teach grades 5-12 how to identify, prevent, and respond to bullying. It is designed to meet standard end-of-instruction objectives.

Bullying in schools has drawn international attention as incidents have become more frequent and aggressive. It’s time to engage this problem from the ground up—addressing the negative attitudes and root character issues that foster anti-social behavior. Together we can address bullying from the inside out and create a school culture of respect.

  • Engage the bullies.
  • Engage the victims.
  • Engage the bystanders.
  • Engage the teachers.
  • Engage the administrators.
  • Engage the parents.
  • Engage the community.

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  • Defines what bullying is…and what it’s not
  • More than 90 real-life scenarios for students to evaluate, discuss, and role play
  • Addresses physical, verbal, social, and cyber bullying (including sexting)
  • Includes time for reflection, journaling, and personal application
  • Flexible to meet the needs of the individual classroom
  • Includes specific steps of action for teachers and administrators



  • Author – Dr. Virginia Smith, 20-year veteran teacher
  • Editor & Producer – Robert Greenlaw, 18-year veteran in character curriculum development
  • Designer – Jessica Hopkins, award winning designer



  • Unit 1: What is Bullying?
  • Unit 2: Types of Bullying
  • Unit 3: Types of Aggressors
  • Unit 4: Understanding the Bully
  • Unit 5: Recognizing the Victim
  • Unit 6: Standing By or Standing Up?
  • Unit 7: Getting to the Root
  • Unit 8: Building Good Habits
  • Unit 9: Respecting Yourself and Others
  • Unit 10: Common Courtesy
  • Unit 11: Working Through Conflict
  • Unit 12: Creating a Culture of Respect
  • Unit 13: Plan Ahead
  • Unit 14: Evaluate Your Options
  • Unit 15: Defuse the Situation
  • Unit 16: Get Help
  • Unit 17: Rebuilding Trust
  • Unit 18: Make a Difference


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