Character First Certificate


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Recognize students for good character using a pre-printed Character First certificate, ready for you to add the student's name and the character quality you want to celebrate

Helpful Tools:

  • FREE Certificate Template (Microsoft Word): The first page is for printing the front of the certificate with the recipient's name and a character quality definition. The second page is to print a personal message (on the back of the certificate or on a separate sheet of paper) that tells how that individual demonstrated the character quality and how it benefited you, the organization, or others. Download here.
  • FREE Recognition Worksheet: Download a recognition worksheet. This tool is helpful for collecting all the details of a recognition before your presentation.
  • FREE Character Recognitions spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel): This spreadsheet can help you organize who you recognize, for what quality, and when. Schools usually recognize students and staff on or around their birthday (or half-birthday if it falls during school break). This practice keeps you from overlooking someone. Download here.

Recognition Tips:

  1. Be Specific. Don't generalize your statements. Give a real-life example of what the person did so your recognition is believable.
  2. Be Sincere. Your motive is to encourage others in the right direction, not to manipulate or gain favor with someone.
  3. Be Spontaneous. Look for small, every-day opportunities to "catch people doing good." This shows that character matters to you all the time, not just on someone's birthday, anniversary, or special occasion. 
  4. Be Systematic. Publicly honor your people at least once per year. Special occasions, such as birthdays or work anniversaries, serve as convenient opportunities. 
  5. Be Serious. Don't joke around when calling someone out and recognizing their character. Public recognition can be very meaningful—and very awkward. Don't ruin the experience by making fun of the person or the situation. 

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