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When we talk about character, we mean the inward values that determine outward actions; the mental model used for making decisions; the moral compass that guides your choices; who we are when no one else is watching.

Many problems in today’s classroom can be traced to a lack of character, including bullying, disrespect, cheating, tardiness, vandalism, profanity, and drug abuse—which hinder childhood development, student achievement, school safety, and public confidence.

That’s why more than 100,000 teachers, parents, and youth workers around the world have used Character First Education to help them define behavioral objectives, reinforce positive behaviors, and create a culture that values good character.

Read a report on The Nuts and Bolts of Character Education to gather statistical evidence of why character education matters.

Character First began in 1992 as a leadership development program at Kimray Inc, an Oklahoma City-based manufacturing company. Every month, Kimray employees would study a different character trait and how it related to corporate values such as honesty, quality, safety, and service. It made such a difference in their workplace culture that in 1996, local school and police officials asked if Character First could be adapted to public education—and Character First Education was born.

In 2012, Character First was acquired by Strata Leadership LLC, which offers a wider range of character-based programs for business, government, public safety, families, and education. 

We do not offer franchise or distributor opportunities at this time.

Thus far, all Character First Education curriculum is compatible with public education (non-sectarian lessons). If we develop “faith-based” resources in the future, they will be clearly marked so there is no confusion.

Our videos are hosted on If you are having trouble playing the videos, check to make sure that you are able to get to the Vimeo website. If you are unable to see, the problem is most likely related to a firewall issue, and you should contact your IT department for assistance.

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We currently offer several digital supplemental resources. We also have an Online Library with a large number of articles available.

We continue to explore offering more online content.

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The main difference between the packs is the number of character cards included. 

In the family pack, there are 5 cards. The classroom pack contains 25 cards. 

Items included in the pack:

  • Elementary Curriculum guide, $9.99 each. One is included in both the Family Pack and the Classroom Pack
  • Anchor Chart, $2.99 each. One is included in both the Family Pack and the Classroom Pack
  • Character Card, $0.49 each. There are five (5) cards in the Family Pack and twenty-five (25) cards in the Classroom Pack


Pricing reflects purchasing the items individually and not as part of a package 

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We currently offer a limited number of Spanish Family Connection pages as part of our online resources. Please contact us to learn more.

You can also directly contact consultants in Costa Rica  or Mexico City for additional resources.