Curriculum Pack ImageSensitivity is “carefully using my senses so I can better respond to the people and situations in my life”

Sensitivity comes from the Latin word sentio, meaning “to sense; to perceive,” as in a sense of touch.

In the human body, the five senses are used to help us stay aware of our surroundings; enjoy things like food, flowers, and sunsets; and alert us to danger. Our senses help us survive. When a nerve senses pain, it sends an urgent signal to the brain so that the body can respond quickly and appropriately. A sensitive person also uses the five senses to learn about the people and situations around them in order to have a helpful and kind response.


  1. Listen carefully to others.
  2. Watch their body language.
  3. Notice their tone of voice.
  4. Put myself in others' shoes.
  5. Show that I care.


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