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Loyalty is “showing my commitment through difficult times.” 

Loyalty is like tape or glue that is really strong. It doesn’t come apart easily. When your friends or family go through difficult times, you can practice loyalty by encouraging them and finding ways to help. Difficult times could be when people are sick, when they have a lot of work to do, when they feel stressed, or when things go wrong.

Do not be a “fair-weather friend”—someone who is a friend when everything is going well, but leaves as soon as trouble comes. A “fair-weather friend” cannot be trusted.

Practice loyalty and you will be a better friend, a better family member, and a better student!


  1. Care about people.
  2. Keep my commitments.
  3. Encourage others in the right direction.
  4. Help those in need.
  5. Serve my community.


(Permission granted to reproduce this lesson for educational use. Credit: CharacterFirstEd.com

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