Summer Conferences

Image of Dr. Smith's Vision 2020 SessionVision 2020 conference this summer was a great success. Educators from all over Oklahoma attended and had the opportunity to hear speakers, participate in workshops, and experience new products and offerings from vendors from all over the U.S. and abroad.

I had the opportunity to present in two break-out sessions that were crammed beyond capacity. Participants learned about how Character plus Competence = Consistency in the first interactive session. As educators, we are expected to help students “master” material. But what is mastery? It is consistently producing the successful results. How best can that be accomplished? When a student learns to be attentive to their work, thorough in their preparation, creative in approaching challenges, and learns to endure when things get difficult, they consistently demonstrate mastery.

During the second session, “Bully No More: Creating a Culture of Respect,” we explored a positive and pro-active approach to addressing bullying. Through presentation and small group discussion, educators worked through two real-life scenarios and discovered ways to handle bullying and aggression “from the inside out,” and how to create a culture of respect.

Feedback from both sessions was extremely positive and encouraging. Educators love their students and want to help create a culture of character that encourages respect and academic success.

The input I received and my experience at the conference already has me looking forward to next year. If you have questions or want more information about what we covered during the conference please email me at

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