Snow Day!

Image of a happy kid playing in the snow"Snow Day!" These two words build excitement in every child's heart while creating anxiety for their parents. What are we expected to do when we suddenly have a couple of unplanned days cooped up in the house with children—of any age?!

Here are three ideas to help you get through your snow days, which can be memorable family experiences:

1. Make Snow-Cream

This simple and inexpensive activity helps build anticipation of the “snow-event” while teaching kids how to measure and create something. A side benefit is that you end up with a yummy treat!



  1. Place the bowl outside to catch the snowflakes.
  2. When full, stir in sugar and vanilla to taste.
  3. Add milk to desired consistency.
  4. Serve immediately!

2. Make Tree Ornaments

Make some fun and colorful tree ornaments. Here are several ways to go about it:  

3. Indoor Campout

Build a blanket fort, read some stories, and watch Christmas movies! Enjoy this precious time and build memories with your children. These moments won’t last forever.

Have fun!



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