Preparing for college... and beyond

With many recent high school and college graduations and a new school year ahead, we asked several university professors, deans, student affairs administrators, college admissions professionals, and retention specialists how parents can better prepare their children for success in college and at work.

Below are highlights from those conversations, which we hope will inspire and encourage you in your parenting efforts.

What are some characteristics of successful students? What helps them fulfill responsibilities and persist to graduation? Answers:

What advice would you give parents to help them prepare their students for success? What can the students do? Answers:

What qualities are necessary for students to search for and find a job? What can parents and students do so they are better prepared for the workforce? Answers:

No matter if your child is entering the workforce directly after graduating high school or has plans to enter college, it is important to support and encourage them—praising their effort and instilling a good work ethic. Let them make mistakes and learn from them, because this teaches them to persist. Above all, love them and let them know you are proud of them. These actions, taken with faith, will help them achieve the best outcomes.

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