Kent Fahrenbruck joined Character First in 1996, and has trained thousands of executives, managers, educators, and parents throughout the world to build a culture of character in their schools, businesses, families, communities, and government agencies. He currently serves as a Strata Leadership Account Executive for clients throughout the Rocky Mountain region, and he is a national account executive for Character First Education. He has also been certified by as a State and National School of Character Evaluator.

Kent graduated from Colorado State University in 1979 with a bachelor of science degree in agribusiness. He spent 24 years at US West Communications Company as a field technician, human resource manager, dispatch supervisor, and trainer.

In 1996, Kent moved to Oklahoma City and took responsibility for the Character First Education department where he supervised curriculum development, teacher training, and program deployment around the world. His travels include multiple trips to mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, and the Philippines.